Surrey Seniors Tennis

Surrey Seniors Tennis

Seniors Tennis is very active in Surrey with postal competitions in many age groups, inter-club leagues and knock outs, and Surrey's participation in all 13 events of the Seniors Inter-County Championships.

The Inter-County Championships commenced in 1981 with just the Men's 45s, but in 2016 there are 13 official competitions:  Men's 45s, 50s, 55s, 60s, 65s, 70s and 75s and Women's 40s, 50s, 55s, 60s, 65s and 70s.  There is also an unofficial Women's 75s event and it is hoped that this can become official next year.

Surrey has been the most successful county over the years.
Counties are arranged into divisions;  at the highest level there is Division 1A and Division 1B and the top teams in each one contest the final in November each year.

Since 1981, in the Men’s competition there have been 280 events, 52 of which Surrey have won and 18 in which they have been runners-up, i.e. in 25% of all the finals played a Surrey team has competed. In the Women’s, there have been 244 events, 56 of which Surrey have won and 31 in which they have been runners-up, i.e. over 35% of all finals played, a Surrey team has competed.

In 2015 Surrey won 4 events out of 13, the Men’s 60s and 70s and the Women’s 65s and 70s. In 2005, Surrey won 7 out of the 11 events staged.

We look forward to further success in 2016 with all 13 teams competing at Division 1 Level. Can we improve upon 2015? Our captains will start the task of arranging this year’s matches in February 2016 and ensuring that we maximise our chances of success in all age groups.

Mark Staniszewski
Seniors Co-Ordinator

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